"Mike works with your existing game rather than making you start from scratch. He teaches you the importance of court positioning and effective strategies for winning games. He positively encourages his students to be their best while enjoying the game. As an avid student of the game himself, you can be assured of getting well considered, proven, and timely tennis instructions.”

-Chuck O.

Mike has been my coach for the past 3 years and has strengthened my strokes and game strategy.  Due to a shoulder injury, we rebuilt my serve together drawing on his expert coaching skills as well as video software to break down my movements and analyze them.  Private instruction with Mike is well worth the money.  Also, in Mike's group classes, he has a way of keeping everyone challenged and engaged.  He is a master coach and I highly recommend him.”

- Tonya E.

“Mike is a very patient and thorough coach.  I love attending his clinics – the drills are fun and help me improve my skills. And I always have a good time!”

- Vika F.

“Mike is a master instructor, he breaks down complicated strokes, strategies and the finesse in the game of tennis, into an understandable and functional information so it can be easily replicated. He has unending patience and works with you independently even within a group lesson.   What sets Mike apart is his continuing education with the USTA/USPTA.  He is always returning with new techniques and performance skills to share with the students. Thank you Mike!”

- Janet K.

"Mike's expert instruction, remarkable knowledge of the game and super fun drills have improved my tennis skills and love of the game.  I've also met some great ladies to play with during the week.  I highly recommend Mike's clinics and private instruction as well.”

- Cindy S.

“Mike is one of the very best tennis coaches I've ever worked with as an adult 3.5 player aspiring to 4.0.   He is truly a teacher, meaning he has a clear vision of the aspirational level each student can achieve, a specific plan for technique and strategy that sets the bar just high enough for to reach toward stretch goals, and a great mix of positive reinforcement with plenty of corrective notes.  I love working with him one-on-one and in clinics, and would recommend him most highly to anyone seeking to improve their game from whatever level they are starting!”

- Geri M.

I have known Mike for about 4 years now. I've been doing his clinics with my girlfriends for the past 3.5 years. I’ve also had private lessons with Mike who fixed my serve and grip!!! And I've played doubles with Mike too... His clinics are very well planned and everyone is moving constantly. He has been great with me and my partners who go to Tucson every year for a ladies tournament . He makes you think about where and why you hit the ball there in doubles and where to move with your partner... He is the one to go to in Durango!!!!! We will keep doing our doubles clinics until all our knees give out!!! Mike is great!”

- Khris A.

“I have taken both private and group lessons from Mike.  The private lessons were valuable and helped me develop topspin and slice to my shots.  The group lessons have been helpful for knowing where to be on the court for doubles play and overall becoming a better doubles player.  Mike is very knowledgeable.”

- Deb H.

“I highly recommend Mike Moriarty to any tennis player who wants to significantly improve on their tennis skills and just have fun.  I have taken group lessons from Mike over the last two years and currently plan to take more group lessons with Mike in the Spring/Summer/Fall of 2018.  He creates a positive learning experience for every single player in the group.  He pays particular attention to each member in the group and is able to identify individual strengths as well as weaknesses that we work on to improve with his encouraging guidance and excellent training skills.  He also has a great sense of humor that makes training with Mike so worthwhile and fun."

- Diane N.

“I have worked with Mike for several years now after having played very little tennis since high school.  I cannot believe the improvement in my game and Mike’s astute observations of exactly what I do well and exactly what I need to work on are always spot on.  He holds weekly clinics, is highly flexible and most importantly, he’s the best tennis coach I’ve ever had.  He can tee up any spin he wants and often uses that skill to make you stand where he wants and hit the ball he wants.  We are so lucky in little Durango to have someone like Mike.  I highly recommend him.”

- Lisa W.

“Steve and I have been taking lessons and doing clinics with Mike for the past 5 years or so.  We’ve found Mike to be very knowledgeable about the game.  Mike has helped us improve our game as well as our strokes, serves and understanding of doubles play.  We highly recommend Mike as a coach and instructor.”

- Steve & Kathy S.

“Mike has helped me get connected to the tennis community in the Durango area.  His tennis lessons are not only fun but have helped me improve my stroke and strategy.  Mike offers convenient lesson times and reasonable prices.  If you are interested in working on your tennis game, at any level, contact Mike he is a easy to work with and knowledgeable tennis pro.  He makes it fun and challenging."

- Laura V.

"I return to Durango every summer to get out of the Houston heat and return to the town I enjoyed for so many years.  I regularly take instruction in Houston on a weekly basis and wanted to continue in Durango.  I was referred to Mike Moriarty.  He is a terrific coach, keeping my game on the right track and improving my game.  His patience and kindness is a bonus!"

- Celeste G.

" When I moved to Durango 5 years ago, I had just started tennis back up after taking 20 years off after high school.  Mike took my rusty skills and limited strokes and taught me new strokes and ways to control my shots with more power.  I am better than I was in high school now.  His clinics are engaging, fun, and I learn so much each time.  It has also been a great way to meet new players in our community.  My children (ages 9 and 10) also take Mike's clinics in the summer and love going."

- Wendy L.

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